Classic car restoration

We love classic Porsche here at Gmund Cars and there is nothing that gives us greater satisfaction than to ensure the preservation of an original air-cooled Porsche for generations to come.

We employ our own restoration team using Porsche trained technicians with air cooled Porsche experience. We carry out every part of a car’s restoration, from the truly transformational full nut and bolt rebuilds to engine repairs and rebuilds or interior re-trimming and carpet sets, made from German imported Porsche specification weave.

Previously only carried out to our sales cars, we are now able to offer restoration services more generally to Porsche/VW owners.  Our team have an in-depth knowledge of these vehicles and can offer advice and guidance on all aspects of your requirements, including original period restoration. All work is carried in our new purpose built Workshop, featuring Porsche specification vehicle lifts, Four-Wheel Alignment ramp, Engine rebuild room and Detailing area.


Check out our social media pages for examples of our work to date. Links can be found at the top right of the web page. 

Current Restoration Projects

1960 Volkswagen Beetle (Historic European Rally Specification)

1965 Volkswagen Beetle (Sea Blue)

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

1969 Porsche 911 S

1968 Porsche 911 S

Porsche 924 DP Cargo

Porsche 924 Martini

Porsche 356 B Cabriolet



Volkswagen Beetle (Rally Specification)

Currently being built for Classic Road Rallying, This 1960 Volkswagen Beetle is undergoing a body off, bare-metal restoration with lots of tasteful modifications including Rear Roll cage, Louvre Engine lid grilles, Technomagnesio Magnesium alloy wheels and snug bucket seats. 

Please see our social media pages to keep up to date on progress. 




Past Restorations

Porsche 911 2.4 T/E - 1973

You may remember our 1973 911 T/E which had a slightly aged interior and lacked a bit of love. Here it is now after its new customer decided he wanted to rally the car. 

Features include;

- Full Bolt in Roll Cage with under body protection fitted
- Fully retrimmed Interior with German weave carpets
- Momo Steering wheel
- Bonnet mounted Spotlights
- Bucket seats complete with 4-point Schroth harnesses
- Fire extinguishers fitted
- Empi alloy wheels
- Chrome Mirrors
- Brantz Rally meter


Volkswagen Type 2 Pickup - 1979

There’s something magical and undeniably cool about finding an old vehicle and devoting your time to it until it is the standard it was when it left the production line. The dedication, the frustration and the passion for such projects is what makes them so interesting. We first saw this VW in 2014 when it appeared in a local classic car auctions catalog. Not needing yet another project, we gave the girl a miss and that was that... Until a few weeks later, It was back up for sale. We had seen that its new owner had removed the coach built Luton storage and had attempted to make it into a pickup having fabricated drop down sides and tweaked other various things. We saw a lot of potential in it now and we had a lot of ideas on what we could do with the T2 if it was ours.  A lengthy meeting was then held and we all agreed that we would buy it and it was only right to return the van back into showroom condition restoring it from the ground up. Our aim was to achieve a showroom condition T2 Pickup with drop down sides and Porsche livery that would be as reliable and easy to live with as as a daily driver but as quality as a show vehicle. It was decided we would use the vehicle as a statement of what Gmund Cars can do and progressed into the idea of using the T2 at shows adding varnished Maple slats to the bed and showing off a few Porsche and Volkswagen Engines that have been rebuilt by ourselves, Thus showing our range of what we do and our quality in restoring vehicles as well as rebuilding engines. Our first challenge was to get rid of the homemade drop down sides and source some genuine. A challenge it was. It appeared that nobody had any and our only option would be to attempt to make them. After a good number of months, we tracked a genuine set down and quickly jumped in the van and picked them up. Knowing how rare these are to find now, our next problem would be to find the fasteners to keep the drop sides up. Our solution was to use a very talented man to fabricate some whilst keeping to the original factory shape.­ After filling and smoothing over some previous DIY style repairs, it was onto a full glass out respray. We chose to keep the body a shade of Ruby red even though we could see that in places it looked like it had been a shade of green at some point in its life. Whilst at the paint shop, we had the engine being rebuilt using a lot of its original parts after cleaning, Sandblasting and powder coating them. We also decided to have two sets of wheels, one set to be painted to match the colour of the bumpers and one set in silver. We collected the pickup from the paint shop after a week or so and were amazed to see the transformation. It was amazing, Both its beauty as well as the dedication of everyone involved to make it look the best of the best. All of them nasty DIY repairs and that'll do's had gone. Having researched Porsche livery and graphics in the past, We thought it would be a cool idea to replicate the old Porsche race support trucks in terms of livery. We sent our ideas to a sign writer who then designed a great set of decals including company name and logo along with the Porsche lettering across the drop down sides. Time for interior. Having taken the interior as patterns, our upholsterer then worked his magic and brought us back a bespoke interior that included German weave carpets and Porsche basket weave door cards with pinstripe matching the paintwork. After a deep cleanse inside and out it was time to fit and wire in the rebuilt engine and get the T2 fired up into life. A quick test drive around the estate proved that everything was running as it should; Wow, It sounded good!

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Porsche 911 2.4 Targa - 1973

This Porsche 911 2.4 Targa car has had a full bare metal respray in original Beige Grey. All new carpets throughout. The original roof has been re trimmed along with all the Targa seals replaced. All new brake discs, Calipers and brake lines have been fitted and other items such as rubber trim, headlights, lenses and other parts have been replaced.​





Porsche 911S 2.7 Targa - 1977

A Full restoration was needed on this 1977 911S 2.7 Targa. Originally an American car, We imported it a few years ago and have been throughout the car restoring it back to original factory specification. A bare metal respray has been carried out in its original colour of silver metallic and every piece of the interior has been re-trimmed including the Targa roof. The Engine has been rebuilt with all new stainless steel exhaust system. 'As new' condition throughout.